Wind Them Up

Wind Them Up

Writing is going well. I have already passed the halfway mark of my first draft. This week I reviewed a few sections of what I had written. I realized that my views were being phrased in neutral terms (e.g., “You may want to do this…”). It is not a big issue since my objective for the first draft is to get the content captured versus spending time on style. But maybe it is if this is the way I am thinking. My book is intended to share actions that have proven to be successful versus outline options to be considered. The reader needs to know what to do in as little time as possible. Therefore, I need to get to the point.

Another observation is that my text is clinical versus energetic. This is the opposite of what I want to do. I need to infuse hope, courage and passion into my style because these are the characteristics that lead to a successful change.  Projecting energy and passion is the way to do it.

I felt the power of energy last week when I attended a Saga concert at the Sound Academy in Toronto. Saga is a progressive rock group that hit its highest popularity in the early 80s (with two singles: ‘Wind Him Up’ and ‘On the Loose’), making the Billboard charts in the US and achieving cult status in Germany and Puerto Rico. To date, their career has spanned 34 years, 31 albums and 8 million discs sold.

Phil at the concert

The energy of the band was incredible. It radiated from the stage throughout the 90 minute plus concert. What a great feeling it was to be there, six feet from the stage, excited and inspired. This is the level of energy I need to infuse into my book.

So, the two changes I have made to my writing is to be more definitive about my advice and build energy into the tone.  It has had an immediate impact. I am finding the content is more fun to write. Also, I am recalling more interesting details of stories that the reader should enjoy. Just writing this blog post is making me ‘pumped.’ It’s time to get back to writing!

48 seconds of energy from Michael Sadler of Saga

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