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How are you making a difference in this universe?

Have you ever attended an event that you can’t stop thinking about? This happened to me last week at a networking session. 

It was an invitation only, two-hour get-together hosted by Kevin O’Leary at Optimum Talent, a prominent HR consulting firm.

Twelve people from different industries were asked three questions:

  • How are you making a difference in this universe? (starting with the easy one!)
  • What is your passion?
  • What is your personal formula for success?

Each participant told their story and each one was fascinating. Industries included software development, social media, marketing, nutrition, leadership, robotics, sustainability, security, big data, government and public affairs, media and change management. 

Most people told both professional and personal stories. All had deep experience that they were using (or planning to use) in new ways. Most had made a conscious decision to change what they did or where they did it to improved the quality of their lives. Most had started their own businesses.

I was third up, which gave me a few minutes to think about my answers. My story included both Barb’s and my careers (we are a team). I talked about how working with leaders around the world had shaped Change  with Confidence. How I observed that many could not answer change-related questions based on their operational experience. That my goal was to help change leaders build their confidence and skills by understanding the questions they must answer and the information they need to make the best decisions. 

I said that I make a difference by filling the gap between what leaders know and need to know about change to lead confidently and well. In my notes I had jotted down that confidence is built by moving people from fear to belief. 

Since our conversation, I have made many positive connections. Most attendees are part of my LinkedIn community and I have exchanged emails with five others. I will be introducing one person to someone in my network and someone has offered to introduce me to someone in theirs. I also had coffee with another person Monday. 

After the session, I thought of how this powerful experience had been created by one person who saw the benefit of helping others. During my story, I forgot to say that my personal success comes from “giving first”. That might be Kevin’s too. Thanks Kevin.


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