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Could this be the “big one”?

Marketing a book is like spinning plates: you try to keep as many potential opportunities―writing articles, creating speaking proposals, building presentations, shooting videos, conducting interviews and giving presentations―in the air without any of them crashing to the ground. 

Since book marketing is new to me, every opportunity could be “the big one”. I’m finding that it is difficult to prioritize my time when each activity could be the best use of it.

I realize that I’m in a risky position. As the amount of activities increases, the danger of the quality going down also increases. Any activity poorly executed could create a lasting impression that could damage my reputation and my book. I feel like I can’t afford to pass on any of them and also I can’t afford to fail. 

My best strategy is to maximize my productivity while I track my results. I need to quickly build a fact base so that I can see which activities produce the best results. Then I can apportion my time accordingly. 

I created a Marketing Grid to record my activities and ensure I effectively communicate them through social media. Most of  them will happen in the next two months so I will get data soon. 

For now, I will keep spinning more plates, building my skill and making sure that none of them fall.  Phil

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