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How Change Management is Changing

This week I went to the global Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) Conference in Orlando. I had attended last year’s conference just after the launch of Change with Confidence.

The two conferences are like bookends to a great year. I have never done more public speaking, writing, and consulting. I also have learned a lot about publishing, business ownership and what makes me tick. It’s been a good year.

When I returned home, I reread my blog post about last year’s conference to see if my interests had changed.

My objectives were similar with one exception: This year, I was keen to get clarity on how the profession is changing. I wanted to see if others were noticing a growing demand for strategic leader support beyond developing independent change projects. 

My new objective affected my choice of sessions, the questions I asked, and the conversations I had. There were many views on where our profession needs to go.

Still a thrill to see my book on display

There is a growing need to help leaders navigate their constantly changing environments and constantly reinvent their organizations to compete. 

Two themes emerged over the week: How to effectively manage the ever-growing portfolio of changes that are needed to succeed and how to build resilience and agility capabilities into the mindsets, processes, and culture that shape how work gets done. 

I left the conference with more questions than answers about the future of change management. Bill Taylor, one of the keynote speakers, had the best question of all: Are you learning as fast as the world is changing?


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