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To Infinity and Beyond!

I always thought my career could go in two directions after my book was published: consulting or corporate. Either I would apply the advice from Change With Confidence at my clients’ or next employer’s businesses. Robert Cialdini said “He who has the most options wins.” Having two options is definitely better than one, or is it?

Having two options gives you choice but it also implies that you have not committed to one. When I shared my two options with someone in the publishing industry, she wondered if the corporate option would limit my ability to promote my book. She was right: I would be absorbed in the challenges of my new role and team. The consulting option is far more flexible. I can blend speaking engagements and other promotional activities with assignments, giving the required time to both.

This week, I committed to the book promotion/consulting option. I incorporated a company called Change With Confidence Incorporated (“Limited” and “Confidence” don’t go together) that matches the business cards I purchased earlier.

When the security guard at a client’s office asked what company I was from, I belted out “Change With Confidence!” Buzz Lightyear would have been proud. The security guard paused before writing it in his book. Change with Confidence Incorporated became official!

As I walked away, clipping my guest badge to my belt, I thought, “To infinity and beyond. That sounds about right.” 


On the Road Again

Yesterday, I boarded my first business flight in fourteen months as I started an exciting consulting assignment in the U.S.

It took seconds for me to click into travel modepacking efficiently, setting multiple alarms for 4 a.m., navigating airport security-and feel confidence gained through years of experience. It was like watching a movie you had seen before: there is comfort in knowing the actors, scenes, and ending. 

I had forgotten about the perks that come with travel loyalty programs — free breakfast, free magazines (Art News, Cottage Life – the next best thing to owning one, Flying – for may dad), boarding first, and the occasional upgrade. I know these trinkets are momentary amusements that come with the price of being away from home, but they are fun.

The business travel industry works hard to make customers feel special. This is how I felt when the driver who drove me to the airport said, “I picked you up a couple of times last year and guessed you had stopped travelling.” I told him about my book and he seemed genuinely interested. This was the best perk of all. 


Change With Confidence

Here is a short video about Change With Confidence.

And here is my book proposal for publishers.

Change With Confidence Book Proposal Summary

For more details on this book proposal or to request sample chapters, please send a note to ph************@gm***.com.


And the Winning Title is…

The most obsessive part of my journey has been choosing a powerful title. Since people judge books by their covers, I know my title has to be a great one. It has to describe what the book is about, communicate an emotional benefit of reading it, and inspire further investigation (i.e. buying it!). After a year of testing over 100 titles I selected one: “Change with Confidence.” My title:

  • Describes what the book is about: Managing change 
  • Communicates an emotional benefit: Confidence in doing so
  • Inspires further investigation: How do you confidently lead change?

I have observed that leaders need the most help when they are faced with a question they can’t answer based on their experience. Many either went with the first information they receive or relied on their gut instincts. Unbeknownst to them, they sent their team charging down a path full of potential landmines. What they needed was practical advice on how to make the best choices based on real-life experience.

Sven-Göran Eriksson, international football coach, has observed that the “greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure,” and during big business changes there are many things to fear: not knowing what to do or say, being a poor leader, failing and, of course, looking stupid. My book provides advice to move beyond these fears to make the right choices. During a big change project, confidence is an antidote to fear. 

My title also includes a sub-title: “A Business Leader’s Guide to Change Management,” which identifies the audience for my book and what they are buying. Both parts of my title have provided focus for my book proposal and final edits. 

I realize my publisher will have the final say on a title, but I am confident that the best title will be chosen. Just to be safe, I purchased the internet domains of and so that there are no hiccups down the road. It is important to plan for the future. Phil

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