Living on Video

Living on Video

This week I have been planning a video that will be posted on the home page. There is a lot at stake because it will communicate hwo I am, talk about the origins of the book and the offer of my company. Fortunately I have my friends Mel and Kro to help.



Dress code

stock footage

tone  – couple of videos. This is a persona l company about helping people work through change. It must feel personal, honest and trust-making

It\s a lot like creating a pointing, which I had time to devote to this hobby.

the shoot is on Friday.

What do you want to say and how do you want to say it. Will be using stock photos, video and sound.

Blindsound, Getty Images, Istock.

3 stages

my story

my realization

My pitch

It would be great to hear your thoughts once it is done. Like the beginning of any adventure, the possibilities are endless.

Rock climbing theme – preparation, capability building, hardship collaboration,



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