How Would You Tell Your Story in 2 Minutes and 49 Seconds?

How Would You Tell Your Story in 2 Minutes and 49 Seconds?

This week I completed a video for the Change with Confidence  website. It was more than that; it was my story. 

The goal was to share my views on change and the best way to help people through it. Mel and Kro did a great job creating the video including design, image selection, script, music and production. Each element was handled with care to ensure it  supported my message.

We decided on a rock climbing theme to illustrate the realities of leading change. The challenges and rewards are similar. The need for confidence and ability are too.

The metaphor also works well in terms of support for success. The role of the guide is to coach the climber to get to the top, not to climb the cliff for them. Excellent change guides do the same thing: they help leaders lead change, they don’t lead the change for them. I have seen some consultants do the leading for leaders, which doesn’t build their skills. The next time the leaders need to lead change, they are no more capable than they were the first time. This is a miss.

As we built the video I was struck by how personal my story was. Watching old video clips brought back memories of past projects, and the crises and victories I had shared with team members. 

It also reminded me of the first change I led and how my circumstances are similar to people who I support now. Having climbed a similar mountain, I know how I can help them climb theirs.

Here is the video of my story.



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