Have You Found That There is Always One More Thing?

Have You Found That There is Always One More Thing?

A fellow consultant and I have been interviewing team members about how their working lives will be different after some changes are made. I enjoy these meetings where real people discuss in real terms how they believe their work will change. Typically, people are reflective, forthright and articulate, which helps us understand the changes and how we can best help them transition to their new environments (as quickly and as painlessly as possible).

Each interview lasts an hour, which provides enough time to thoroughly discuss all changes and dig more deeply on revealing comments. By the end of the meeting the conversation has been exhausted. Or has it?

Years ago, I realized that there is always something that hasn’t been said, a nuance that hasn’t been shared or a statement that sheds light on a key point. By asking one more question, we are able to unlock a final insight, the jewel or piece of gold that might have been left behind. The question might have to be asked twice and we might have to survive a long pause, but if we do we are rewarded. 

Fortunately, this phenomenon has held true throughout our interviews; there is always one more thing. 

I was listening to a webcast on how to create publicity today and the moderator said to his guests just before closing the call, “Anything else you want to say before wrapping up?” Everyone had something to say. Try it sometime. You will be rewarded.



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