Going Social

Going Social

It won’t be long until the writing and editing phases of my book adventure are completed – probably six to eight weeks from now.  Then I will move to the selling phase, marketing my book (and me) to agents and publishers. I thought it would be a good idea to spend some time thinking about these next phases before they get here. My first thought was to become better connected to the world through social media.

Up to now, my participation in social media has been limited. I have been an active member of  LinkedIn for years, regularly updating my profile and contributing to group discussions. It has been an easy way to stay connected with friends and peers. Also … hmm … there is no  ‘also’ – that’s the extent of my social media experience, which, when reread, sounds very limited. I haven’t made the time for personal social networks like Facebook and Twitter. I signed up on Facebook in 2008 and never went back to my home page – who had the time? A friend created a Twitter account for me two years ago and I never went back to my home page – who had the time?

To build a social media strategy, it is essential to take the time to do it right. Using the word ‘strategy’ in this context seems grand for me. It implies building a fact base, considering alternatives,  and making outcome-focused decisions. It is hard to do so when you you know nothing about the subject.  

Although I am rocketing up the social media learning curve, I know there is so much more to learn about effectively ‘going social.’ I feel like I have purchased a social media t-shirt but have not earned the right to wear it (similar to the wonderful Cadbury Bournville brand ad).

My first steps have been updating my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  As I anticipated, participation is addictive. Each update is a little nod to myself as I progress through my life – what’s not to like? These reflections seem vibrant and fascinating, even though I am having them about four years later than most people.

Connecting my networks is my latest accomplishment. I feel I am missing ‘strategic’ things but have no clue what they are. Hopefully, I will come across them in time. For now, here is my ‘Tell the World I Am Writing a Book’ social media strategy. Please let me know what I am missing.



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