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Great Britain, You’re Invited!

Great Britain’s current tourism slogan captures my feelings as I write this post. This week, I flew to London to lead an executive workshop and present at a European conference.

Heathrow airport looked the same as it did when I commuted to Cadbury’s head office two years ago. Although my surroundings were the same, I felt I had changed. 

My workshop was with a great group of international leaders. They were welcoming, intelligent and deeply engaged. It was refreshing to discuss insights and approaches to change with people who were about to explore their future. I see good things for them in the future although change is never easy. As for any leadership team, their actions and behaviours will determine their organization’s ability to change well.

After an enjoyable team dinner including an engaging speaker, I walked the streets of London. My taxi driver told me that Thursday night is the biggest party night in the week. You could feel it. The streets were crowded with couples, groups of friends and families. The city was alive. 

I thought about the discussions held during the day, and how the dynamics of change are true across industries, geographies and cultures. Change is change. I also thought about how fulfilling it is to see a team begin to shape its future and how the leaders are already better off by doing so. 

It was a good day and excellent preparation for the conference. It’s great to be invited to anywhere that you are welcome and can do some good.


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