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Everyone’s Invited to the Party!

Launch preparations are in full swing: early-print books have been sent to reviewers, articles are being submitted to business magazines and blogs, and speaking engagements are being booked. 

The most symbolic event, however, will be the launch event. Not all authors have one, but it was important for me to do so. I am passionate about experiencing every element of my journey and this one, even though I wasn’t sure how they worked, is a big one.

So, what is a launch event? It is a celebration of a book being published by an author and publisher. In other words, it is a big party held for an author to thank people for their support. Books are there to buy and have signed but that’s not the purpose. The purpose is to say thank you with refreshments and good conversations.

Ben McNally Books, Toronto 

I am fortunate to have a great senior publicist from Wiley to make it a special moment in time. She selected a wonderful bookstore, Ben McNally Books, in downtown Toronto to hold the event. I laughed when I asked her and other members of the Wiley team for advice on what I should be doing at the party. All of them said, “Whatever you do, don’t give a long speech. Make it five minutes at most.” Ah, so this is like an author-book wedding. 

As I prepared the invitee list I thought “Who would be interested in attending?” I abruptly stopped this sorting process. My launch event is a celebration where everyone should be invited, even if we have never met. It’s a great networking opportunity, a chance to reconnect with past friends and colleagues, and a fun time. Everyone is invited.

If I have missed anyone, please send me an email to let me know (ph************@gm***.com). It would be great to see you so I can personally say thank you. It will be fun too.


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