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I Will Be Brief

This week, I completed my first proposal to speak about Change with Confidence at a conference.  It required me to briefly describe what I would say and why it would be of value to the attendees. Not an easy task, especially with a strict limit on word count; being  succinct and passionate at the same time is a challenge.  

Like most struggles, it was a great exercise that required laser focus. It reminded me of the “elevator speech” concept where you provide a gripping topic summary in the time it takes to ride in an elevator. There is no time to meander when you have two minutes to make your point. 

Here are a couple of excerpts from my proposal:

Proposal Abstract (100-150 word limit):

Leaders of change need the most help when they are confronted with questions they can’t answer based on their experience. Most become fearful of being seen as a poor leader, losing respect, failing and not being in charge. What they need is practical advice on making the right choices that are best for their organization and aligned with its values. New and experienced change managers will learn practical how-to approaches to help leaders manage every-day realities of change based on the critical leadership questions that must be answered well to develop and grow organizations. They will also learn different ways to provide support given the circumstances and needs of their leaders. (110 words)

Learning Objectives
  • Know the questions leaders need to answer to successfully manage a big change initiative.
  • Identifypractical people-focused approaches to support leaders through change.
  • Learn how to apply the approaches to build leaders’ confidence to manage change-related challenges they must face to be successful.

I am keen to take Change with Confidence on the road and share its practical advice with groups around the world. It’s hard to be brief and passionate at the same time, but if that’s what it takes, great.


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