Answer All Questions Before Handing In

Answer All Questions Before Handing In

Completing questionnaires is not one of my strengths. I find it mind-numbing and challenging to remain focused as I work through the questions. Since this is one of my least favourite activities, I repeatedly count the number of questions remaining, like someone who watches coffee percolate, hoping that it will go faster by doing so. 

I had mixed feelings when I saw an “author’s questionnaire” in my inbox. On the positive side, I was excited by seeing “author” and “Phil Buckley” in the same sentence. On the less positive side, I thought of having to work through the questions, repeatedly checking the number remaining.  

I had answered many of the questions in my book proposal, such as “Who are the audiences for my book?”, “What are the benefits and features?”, “Who are my competitors?”, and “In which countries is my book most relevant?”. Some, however, were new to me, including “What media contacts do I know personally?”, and “What organizations would want to buy my book in bulk?” 

These new questions are opportunities that I need to champion. Perhaps the answers will have the highest yield within my Change with Confidence marketing plan. As most questionnaire instructions state: Answer all questions before handing in.



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