Change with Confidence is a change management consulting firm that works with leaders and their teams to increase performance through change. 

We also build people’s change skills as their business grows so they can successfully lead future changes.

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  • Powerful Change Strategies from Monopoly's Makeover
    In January, Hasbro invited people to choose the next set of Monopoly game pieces through an online voting campaign. The company presented 64 figurines to choose from including the eight already in play.After 4.3 million votes were tallied, five traditional pieces (Scottie dog, top hat, race car, battleship, and cat) and three new ones (T-Rex, penguin, and rubber ducky) were selected, retiring three from the game (boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble).Change is no stranger to “the world’s favourite family game.” Over the years, new pieces have been introduced (1937, 1942, 1999, and 2013) and rules mo…
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